Shellplate Bearing Kit for Dillon RL 550 C

Retail Price: $49.00

Total Price:$49.00

Products Specifications


Shellplate Bearing Kit Dillon RL 550 B replaces the index sprocket with a modified sprocket that has the room required to install the shellplate bearing kit.  Run out is eliminated and this results in more consistent ammo. The bearing kit smooth's the action of the press, reducing powder spillage and increasing tactile feel while priming. Priming operation will be more consistent. (shellplate bolt not included)

Occasionally, we run into a press where the original shellplate bolt will not lock in place. We make a shellplate bolt for the 550 that has a longer reach. It is available for purchase separately. This is a far better solution than cutting more metal from the sprocket and making it weak. Check our FAQ for info on determining if you will need the extended length shellplate bolt.

Very detailed and complete instructions are included with the kit. If you have any problems send me an email and I will call to help you finish the setup.