Dillon Electric Casefeed Assembly (EURO 220V) - Specify Disc Size

Retail Price: $359.00

Total Price: $359.00

Products Specifications

Dillon Electric Casefeed Assembly - New Version 2 Model for 2018

Suits XL650 and 1050 machine only.

Large Pistol (38/357,40 S&W and larger)
Large rifle (22-250 and larger)
Small Pistol (32 caliber-9mm/38 Super)
Small Rifle (.204 Ruger, .223 and similar)

Please note: Electric case feeders are supplied from Dillon USA with the 220V motors for Australia. They will have the USA plug and pins attached and need to be changed for an Australian plug or use a travel plug to convert the pins. The fitting of the plug is not done or included with the case feed.