Dillon 550B Caliber Conversion Kit - Select caliber

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Products Specifications

Contains: Shellplate, powder funnel, and locator buttons. available in all calibers; please specify caliber desired.

No powder bars are included with any conversions.

Bright Idea

If you are thinking about getting another caliber conversion for your 550 reloader, consider also getting some other accessories to make the change over process a bit quicker. Here are a couple of suggestions.

Suggestion 1. Purchase an additional tool head and powder die. These two items can save you a lot of time. For example, you have your reloader setup in 9mm and you need to change to 38 Special. Maybe the last think you need to do is remove the 9mm dies from your tool head as it takes valuable time to set these up in the first place for depth, crimp etc. So leave them in the existing tool head and get another one for each set of dies. In addition to the tool head consider also a powder die. The powder die is quite simply the round metal threaded sleeve the powder thrower sits on. It is used to regulate the height of the powder thrower in relation to the case your are loading and is a relatively cheap item that can save heaps of time by having one for each caliber.

Suggestion 2. There is also the option of a "Quick Change". See below in the optional accessories list below. This is similar to option one but has two more components in addition to the tool head and powder die.. The complete powder thrower is included, so no need to transfer your powder thrower to your other tool head and changing the powder weight to suit a new caliber. The quick change has a complete powder dispenser that you can setup for additional caliber. One more item is included and this is the tool head stand which you can use to sit the whole assembly onto. A very neat way to store your caliber changes.

Check the optional accessories below to find the tool head and powder die accessories to add to you order of the conversion. Just check the box on the left of each accessory to add them to your order of the conversion. Don't forget to select your caliber of the conversion in the drop down menu before adding to the cart.

Optional Accessories

How to add an accessory?

The related product accessories listed below can be included in your purchase by clicking on the check box to the left of the product. The prices shown on this page will also update as you check or uncheck each accessory. This is very handy for getting a quotation on a few items.

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Total Price: $98.00