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Dillon Super 1050 Progressive Reloader

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Total Price: $2,749.00
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SUPER 1050 Auto-indexing Reloader

Dillon Precision announces the arrival of the SUPER 1050! The SUPER 1050 features a lengthened frame and a new crank assembly that provides increases functional stroke to accommodate long calibers, yet the handle stroke is at a minimum, meaning less work for the operator. The machines new frame and crank assemblies have been improved to provide greater strength and smoother operation. The SUPER 1050 is warranted for life from defects in materials or workmanship, plus a one-year, 100-percent warranty against normal wear.

Auto indexing shellplate
One set of dies
Built in primer pocket swager
Automatic powder measure system
Automatic priming system
Electric casefeeder

This is a commercial grade machine, is capable of loading 1,000 to 1,200 rounds per hour and carries a one year warranty.

Machine pictured shows available options. These are not included with the base machine. See below for the available options for this machine.


Instructional DVD ( Stock# 19485 )
Powder check system ( Stock# 21044 ) - a sensor that goes down into each case to monitor the level of powder in it. In the event of a significant error in powder charge, either high or low, it sounds an audible alarm.

 Bullet Tray Kit ( Stock# 22215 )-a replacement for the standard plastic bullet bin, the aluminum bullet tray elevates the bullets to the level of the shellplate for easier reach.

 Low powder alarm( Stock# 16306 ) - warns you both audibly and visibly when powder level in the measure gets low.

Optional Accessories
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Inline Fabrication Skylight LED lighting Kit for the RL and Super 1050


Double Alpha Academy Mini Mr.Bulletfeeder by DAA



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